Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Things to Come


Hey, readers. So, my blog is finally starting to get some attention and I have to say I'm elated. I did not expect it to grow quite so quickly and I am grateful for your support. I'm still tossing around a few ideas in my head for things I could add to it over the next few weeks. One of the ideas I had was Twitter Thursday wherein I post a round up of the dumbest tweets by Teabaggers from the last week. I absolutley welcome all submissions from readers which you can email to me or send to me on my Twitter via normal tweet or a Direct Message. I'll see it either way. Don't limit to just tweets you see though. Send me anything you like that you think is worth posting on this blog or even if you think I might get a laugh out of it myself. For example, a friend sent me this video: Learn to speak Tea Bag.

Also, even if you don't have a Blogger account to follow me with, you can still post comments. I have enabled anonymous comments as I appreciate all feedback on my posts.

Anyway, on to a new video for you lot! On Thursday, April 15, Teabaggers from around the country gathered in the nations capital to protest what they perceived to be egregious increases in taxation under the Obama administration, despite taxes having actually been lowered for 98% of working Americans. As a fun little game, if you're a drinker, take a shot every time you hear the word 'socialist' or 'tyranny'. Just kidding, don't really. You'd be dead. Try not to choke on the stupidity at 6:09. You have been warned.

So, what have we learned from this video? Well, it's clear that Obama is trying to ban fishing so that he can buy all of the fish from terrorists.

The opinions voiced by Teabaggers are so absurd that they would count as comedy in any other country. My favourite part of this whole video is the irony of the guy saying 'I think you're misinformed.'

If you enjoy this video and yesterdays video why not subscribe to NewLeftMedia on Youtube. In the future there will be some sort of history lesson about how democracies falter when the uninformed masses become galvanized into action by partisan propaganda. That is why, I think, videos like this are important, and I applaud them for the work they are doing. Respect to the guy doing the interviews and keeping a straight face while nodding as if he's interested in the bat shit insane beliefs they're spewing all over him.

And finally, for anyone that actually cared about this shit (I sure as hell didn't but my Twitter stream was full of references to it.) Bristol 'I have two left feet and rely on the republican vote' Palin lost Dancing With The Stars to Jennifer Grey, even with their mass voting.

Good day, folks. And remember - please feel free to send any content or ideas you may have for the blog. Ciao!


  1. As always, American complaining about taxes. They should come up here in Canada for a year and then they might understand what overpriced taxes are!

  2. I think Obama should ban fishing on reality shows..especially if it includes clubbing them to death.. i just put them on ice when i catch them.